11th Flatrock Penitential Pilgrimage 2013


This 11th pilgrimage dedicated to the persecuted Christians in the Middle East



When 70 people go strolling together, on a winding 2-lane country road, you KNOW there are safety concerns !

 So ...

1  Please keep well in, close to the side of the road, and walk only two-abreast (see picture below)

2  Follow the directions of the Safety Marshalls.

3  If you are driving a car in the procession, make sure you turn on your emergency blinkers.

By God's good grace, and the intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph, we haven't had an incident in our first 8 years. Please pray we never do.

St. Joseph, as you watched over the Holy Family during its flight to and return from Egypt, so we pray you guard all our Pilgrims during this year's Flatrock Penitential Pilgrimage.

From the very first year we consulted with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to get their advice. We liaise with the town council, the parish and its Grotto Committee, and the organizers of the annual Targa car rally.

We recruit volunteer Safety Marshalls to safeguard pilgrims during the walk. (It IS important you heed their directions. Your thoughts are focussed on prayer. Their thoughts - for your sake - are on the oncoming traffic.)

We have done pretty well everything we can to ensure your safety ... and we now have some years' experience under our belts, BUT ... as a small group of volunteers we have to disclaim any liability. Your safety is in the first instance your responsibility.

This is one of the reasons we have a Registration procedure at the start of the Pilgrimage ... so that we can ask you to sign a waiver, releasing us from liability, should there be some injury.

We don't want to belabor this, or appear paranoid, or make you anxious, but there IS a safety factor involved ... and we like to think our vigilance in the past has kept everyone out of harm's way.

So ... please READ the Safety Leaflet !

 pdf icon View, save or print the Safety Leaflet [ PDF file ]

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on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper. ]

How NOT to make the Pilgrimage :

Not a good example

This is NOT " two-abreast " !