11th Flatrock Penitential Pilgrimage 2013


This 11th pilgrimage dedicated to the persecuted Christians in the Middle East





We provide Pilgrims a printed booklet (PDF download here) at the start of the Pilgrimage, containing the litanies and hymns used during the outdoor procession. (It does not contain the hymns used during Mass and Benediction in the Church.)

We will sing and pray these hymns and prayers, in the sequence outlined below :

At the Assembly, before DEPARTURE

The Angelus
Faith of Our Fathers

FIRST Stage of the Pilgrimage - at the Jesus Station

Litany of the Sacred Heart
O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine

SECOND Stage of the Pilgrimage - at the Mary Station

Litany of Loreto, to the BVM
Immaculate Mary

THIRD Stage of the Pilgrimage - at the Joseph Station

Indulgenced Prayer to St. Joseph
Litany of St. Joseph
Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail

On Arrival at the GROTTO

Litany of the Saints
Salve, Regina

(Not necessarily in sequence.)

Hail, Queen of Heaven
O God of Loveliness
O Lord I Am Not Worthy
To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
The King of the World


O Salutaris
Tantum Ergo
The Divine Praises





 Eternal Priest 

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