Flatrock Shrine panorama


Pre-REGISTER for the Pilgrimage

This is optional  ... but we strongly urge you to help us by pre-registering.

To pre-register, simply email   and make the 'Subject:' line of your email 'Register pilgrim(s)'. Then in the body of your email provide us with the number of pilgrims in your party, their names and (if you like) your contact phone number.

Yes ... you CAN register the morning OF the Pilgrimage (10:30 a.m. sharp, please!) Pre-registering is NOT required.

But we urge you to register in advance. Starting on time is now difficult - numbers have grown since 2005. Registration on the morning should be only for people without email or internet, or attending their first pilgrimage.

(And if we're late getting to the Grotto, it comes out of your coffee-break time!)


This is mainly to allow one family member to register others.

Of course someone might register a friend, not a family member.

One person may HAVE email, while the friend doesn't ... so this option can be ideal.


Please be certain you're 'authorized,' so to speak, to register others. Even though you may see it as a favour or a courtesy to them, it might be best to check with them first.

If you don't, please be sure to INFORM them that you HAVE registered them, after doing so. Otherwise they might complete their own registration, and create some confusion for us.

That's all there is to it ! And Thank You for helping this year's Pilgrimage get started on time , by pre-registering !