11th Flatrock Penitential Pilgrimage 2013


This 11th pilgrimage dedicated to the persecuted Christians in the Middle East


Pictures & Video (2009) :

 5th Annual Flatrock Penitential Pilgrimage - Sept. 12th, 2009

Following the 5th pilgrimage we put together an interactive slide show of 83 captioned photos, with Gregorian chant as background music.

It got some very favorable feedback ... so you may enjoy viewing it. But we have to be honest ... it needs some work. It's from our old website, and never really worked perfectly. (The fonts on the captions are too small to read easily.)

 Clicking on the picture in the slide show will open a higher-res (800 x 600) version of the picture in a separate window (without interrupting the slide show or the music. Open as many separate windows as your computer's memory will allow).

(Also, if you look closely at the lower right of the frame you'll see small icons which let you pause / resume the slide-show, and mute / unmute the sound.)

We're working on an improved version.

 Click here to start.

( Minor warning : this isn't fully integrated into the new site's menu structure, so you won't see menu navigation options in this slide show. There IS a link to return to the Home page (top left). Easiest thing is just to hit your back-arrow/Previous key.) 





 Eternal Priest 

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